About us

“To Get Rid Of Acne” was created by Ty Francis (me), an Acne Coach, in an attempt to answer the age old question “how to get rid of acne”. We can talk about acne all day long but in the end, the only thing you want to know is how to get rid of those damn pimples. This blog focuses on exactly that.

TGROA is part of Orange Acne which is the main acne site created by me. While Orange Acne focuses on all types of different acne-related issues, such as acne scars and inflamed hair follicles, TGROA only focuses on providing simple information on how to get rid of acne vulgaris.

I’ve suffered from acne for nearly 10 years and have tried basically every acne treatment under the sun over those years (apart from accutane). From my own experience I know how it feels to look in the mirror and feel completely powerless and depressed. “If I could simply get rid of those pimples my confidence would skyrocket” I’d often tell my self. But no matter how hard I tried nothing seemed to work. Diets, supplements, lotions, creams, tools you name it, I tried it.

After years of scouring the web and continually ending on the same unhelpful healthline and webmd sites (with the most basic acne tips), I was ready to give up on my skin. But luckily before I completely threw in the towel, I managed to land on the path of natural and holistic healing.

Now before you get the wrong idea this doesn’t mean that I renounced all modern acne treatments. Instead I found a way to combine modern acne treatments (such as chemical exfoliants) with age old wisdom (such as intermittent fasting). Focusing on health above all else, instead of waging war on my pimpes, helped me get flawless skin. And today i’m going to help you do the same.

Our Experts

Ty Francis, B.S. Informational Science, Utrecht University

Special thanks to these acne researchers for making the content possible:

Andrea L. Zaenglein, M.D.

Prof Hywel C. Williams, PhD

Robert P. Dellavalle, M.D.

Sarah Garner, PhD


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